Wal-Mart Takes Leadership Role in Holiday Retail Marketing

There are very few of us who haven’t seen the mass crowds trampling over each other as they storm big box retailers on Black Friday.  And if you thought it could’nt get any worse many new retailers announced they were opening on Thanksgiving Day for the full day.Walmart Reverses Course

walmart-black-friday-2014-ad-1So it came as quite a shock to the retail and shopping world that on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Walmart will remove the Doorbusters concept from their retail marketing strategy for 2015.  This should significantly reduce the mad rush that has been witnessed by so many and possibly bring back some sanity to the busiest shopping days of the year.

walmartstampedeAccording to their Chief Merchandising Officer the plan is to buy deeper on popular products and offer great values throughout the day without the use of Doorbusters.  Furthermore, more emphasis will be placed on internet sales with special offers starting Midnight Thanksgiving eve.

Apparently Wal-Mart wants to avoid the embarrassing photos and imagery that inevitably show up over the following weekend from the chaos that comes as stores open when limited time Doorbusters were offered. Two questions remain to be answered: 1) Will Wal-Mart maintain or increase holiday sales with this new marketing scheme.  2) Will other big box retailers follow suite and strive to minimize the calamity that occurs as stores open on Black Friday.


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