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Client Support for Setting Up Online Events

It’s a new business world and online meetings and conferences may be the new normal.

Wow!  Life can sure change in an instant and nothing is more evidence of that than the situation the world faces with the Coronavirus.  We are swept into a whole new world of business that requires a new level of innovation and creativity.  Actually you have a choice.  You can either accept the reality that the format for doing business has changed and begin to adapt, or you can wait it out for business to get back to the way it was.

If we focus on the idea that we may have to conduct business online for the next couple months or longer then let’s examine what you can do and how General Marketing Service (GMS) can  help


#1 Meetings

If you’re used to having face to face meetings  in your own city or with travel you may be at a stand-still.  However the technology is readily available to get you into virtual meetings in an instant.  GMS can introduce you to programs like Zoom, Constant Contact, Skype or WhatsApp which allow you to visually communicate with a single person or a whole group.  We can set up and run the whole system or simply train you on how to do it using a visual custom guidebook.

#2 Presentations

If you’re used to making sales pitches in person you often could show an image or two and fill in the gaps with your sterling personality.  Online meetings get a little  more stretched out and you’ll want to have a more fine-tuned presentation.  This can be in the form of PDF slides, video or both.  You want to keep  your viewers engaged and interested and when you’re not in front of them there are many more distractions.  GMS suggests making meetings short and breaking up complex topics into several short meetings vs. trying to capture a viewer’s attention for an hour or more.

You can choose to wait and let your competitors take the lead in  your business category or you can stretch the vision of what your business procedures have been into something new.  We encourage you to think to the future.


Contact Ken at General Marketing Service to talk about your ideas.  Setting up a program and getting you launched starts at $1000.






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