How GMS Can Help You.

Where will your next good sales building idea come from?

What are your resources for new ideas?  You, your employees or maybe a trade journal.  The truth is you probably don’t know where your next great sales building ideas will come from unless you take a proactive approach to making it happen.

Just like a mechanic is trained to efficiently repair your car or your doctor is trained to keep you healthy; you need a marketing expert who spends every day working on sales building ideas to be your right hand man when it comes to building your business.

General Marketing Service delivers strategic sales building solutions for growing businesses around the world. With hundreds of successfully completed projects, your work benefits from years of experience and just as many years of training.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide the best combination of creativity, professional work and results in an efficient manner at a reasonable price.


There is no doubt that money spent on marketing can be risky.  But considering the alternative is to do nothing, that type of action is even more risky and can pretty much guarantee your business won’t grow the way it should.

Our Services

  1. Marketing Strategy

    Your sales building roadmap for success.  GMS’ philosophy for small business is to develop simple strategies at first and expand up on them as your business grows.   Complex plans don’t do any good if they are not executed.  Simple plans get done! EXAMPLES

  2. Research

    A certain amount of background work and research is at the core of any good marketing strategy or event.  Even if you don’t have access to the big data that large corporations have there are many other ways to get the intelligence you need to make a smarter marketing choice.  GMS can help you accomplish this.  MORE

  3. Brand Development

    Your brand is your business. Strong brands are synonomous for the industry they are in and the products they represent.  Brand names are important but they are only as valuable as the effort you put behind it. GMS develops and enhances brands for growing companies with services such at name development, tag-lines, slogans, logos and unique selling propositions.   EXAMPLES

  4. Social Marketing

    Social marketing changes continually as old platforms decay and new ones take their place.  Simply setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account and drowning it with empty text is not a plan that will succeed.  A social strategy that interacts with followers takes time and creativity. MORE

  5. Public Relations

    Public Relations on the internet has evolved but requires building relationships with the media you want to publish your news. Your PR program has to go beyond drafting a release and mass mailing it to editors around the world. A viable program takes time and consistent efforts.  MORE

  6. Sales Writing, Letters, Content

    Regardless of the media, great marketing begins with smart writing.  Creating a unique message should be your first step in great marketing plans and tools. GMS writes Sales Letters, Emails, Brochure Copy, Website Content, Video Scripts, Call Center Scripts and  more.  EXAMPLES

  7. Graphic Design

    Graphic design work usually takes place as part of an overall larger project.  GMS can produce photography, vector graphics, graphics for video and Photoshop retouching.

  8. Trade Shows / Events

    Trade shows can become an expensive investment for small business, so it is vital to develop a trade show plan that will maximize your efforts.  GMS can help you produce a contemporary display along with a promotional plan to deliver actionable results from your trade show program.  MORE

  9. Posters & Outdoor

    GMS creates bold and bright poster and outdoor designs that demand attention and build your brand.  These work great for retailers, trade show displays, events.  EXAMPLES

  1. Web Development

    Your business website may be one of the first impressions a potential customer will get of your business.  Too often managers hire “web designers” vs real web strategists. In other words, a good looking website does not always transfer into a well-performing site.  Furthermore, there are now many aspects to your digital footprint online and a good website can integrated all of those elements into the cornerstone of your marketing presence. EXAMPLES   See more website insights HERE.

  2. Email + Direct Mail

    GMS has applied an extensive direct mail background into successful email marketing campaigns.  This includes attention getting subject titles, informative writing, contemporary designs along with promotional ideas.  Our goal is to respect for the customer’s time and give them a reason to look forward to your next mailing or email.  EXAMPLES

  3. Advertising

    Highly creative advertising is still in effective. Print campaigns combined with web ads are one of the tried-and-true methods of developing leads and website traffic.  GMS creates meaningful messages that will reach out and connect with the consumer in seconds. EXAMPLES

  4. Presentations

    Trash your standard PowerPoint presentation and show a greater respect for your client with advanced selling decks that integrate powerful infographics with less text and simplified messaging.  GMS strives to produce something your audience will remember.  EXAMPLES

  5. Promotional Ideas

    Any smart business can go beyond the standard selling message and inject a promotional concept that invites your customer to interact with them and build loyalty to your brand. EXAMPLES

  6. Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs

    A standard tool for marketers.  Brochures still work as a tool to remind customers of your products or services long after they receive your sales pitch or visit your website. Brochure and flyer concepts can work in paper and in PDF format (for download). EXAMPLES

  7. Interactive & App Concepts

    Interactive apps that began long before Flash have transgressed to IOS and Android apps.

    The best ones have simple functional designs with a clear purpose.  GMS develops app concepts and interfaces and works well for your audience.  EXAMPLES

  8. Packaging

    GMS expertise covers over 15 years of retail background, understanding the retail environment and recognizing what types of packaging can be successful in a retail situation. EXAMPLES

  9. Video

    Videos can do an incredible job of presenting your product or service in a way that text or visuals alone cannot.  Videos on the internet show up at a might higher rate in search results than do websites.  GMS can create selling text and turn it into a short commercial for your product or brand.  EXAMPLES

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