Consumer Products

Consumer Products Marketing

The selling of consumer goods is responsible for roughly 66% of the world economy therefore it seems only natural that it demands at least that much prominence in the marketing world.  Consumer products marketing is one of the most complex marketing categories because consumer items require many more steps than a typical business to business or industrial product or service.

Never before has competition been so fierce and the ability for small business to compete with large corporations been so possible. While research has always played a part in consumer marketing, the onslaught of huge data capturing efforts has made marketing as much of a science as an art.

When you’re ready for ideas or a strategy to present and market your consumer related product or service it’s important to hire a resource that recognizes the wide array of issues that must be discussed so you have the best opportunity for success.


GMS has a consistant background in working with consumer products companies on their product marketing, branding, packaging and display options.
GMS has worked in the following consumer products categories: Sporting Goods, Household Items, Home Craft, Technology, Office Related, Personal Care, Books, Software, Fashion as well as multiple consumer services categories.

17Percent growth in global online retail sales per year since 2007.
4Percent of consumer spending on furniture and homeware (US)
19percent of consumer spending apparel (US)
22$Billion: Sales of top 6 Toy Companies (world)