Website Growth Phenominal

It’s hard to imagine the incredible growth of the internet.  Websites pop up at a rate similar to the US National Debt, and while many new web launches are less than optimum, new website owners should be aware of the intense competition for search results and web traffic.  It’s important to create a unique experience with your website.

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website-count-cartoonIn the blink of an eye new websites are being born for business, personal, professional, video, articles and thousands of other topics.  This kind of  volume makes website planning all more important. Just about everyone who builds a new website can be disappointed when they conduct a search and find their own website located on page 10 or later of their search.  So as you can see, creating a website is easy but making it successful is a whole different ballgame.

If your website is for simply personal or private use this may not concern you but if you are one of the millions who is actually looking for others to discover their website then you’ve got some work to do.  Here are some critical topics to think about before you launch your website.

  1. Make sure to clearly identify the purpose of the website, both in the text and within the search engine code
  2. Include useful details on your site that will reward people for visiting
  3. Make information easy to find or search for
  4. Do some research up front and review other websites or companies doing similar work to what you are planning on.  Do you think you can measure up or do better than their work?
  5. Are you qualified to do the research and work to integrate the proper search engine terminology within the code of your website (SEO)?
  6. Are you planning to include customized images on your website? Not just the overused stock images seen on poorly done websites?
  7. Including videos or training on your site is an excellent way to draw traffic and have linked forwarded to others.
  8. Do you have the ability to create exclusive content not found on other websites?
  9. Plan to update your website on a monthly basis at the minimum.  Don’t just make it and forget it.

There are lots of other topics to consider when launching your website.  The key is to give it more thought than just copying someone else’s work and make your website truly unique.   Furthermore understand your limitations.  If you’ve been visiting Uber’s website and think you want to offer that service but lack the resources and funding that a start-up of that scope requires then you might want to stick with  your day job.   Too often an individual sees a website they like and want that for their business but does not understand the work involved in doing a really good high quality website.

So as you watch the web counter move at such an alarming pace, recognize that websites are not all the same.  Of the number you see about, probably only 20% are worth visiting.  When you add to that number make sure yours is worth doing.  See samples of GMS website work: CLICK HERE.

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