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A brand is only a name until you add some credibility behind it.  Your work, your solutions to problems and the support you provide your customers is your real brand.  The name, logo and tagline you use is actually just a way for customers to remember and recognize your company easier and pass along positive news to others who might be interested.

That said, it can still be important to have a brand name and image that is simple to understand and clearly represents what you do.  If your business is specific to an industry then you can develop branding that applies to that industry, but if you plan to offer products and services across industry segments than it would be wise to choose a name, image and brand logo that won’t make potential clients concerned that this is not your focus.

Still yet, companies with a wide range of products in different industry categories work to develop multiple brands for each industry.  For example General Motors began with a single brand, and then sub-branded into Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and many other sub brands that no longer are in use, but at one time represented different segments of products.

A rose is still a rose by any other name and if you products or services are strong then you will be able to make any brand name a success.

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