Boating/Marine Marketing Ideas

Ahoy! Here’s FIVE Smart Marketing Steps
That Can Improve Your Boating/Marine Business

– Economic indicators show that currently business conditions are good.
– Unemployment is low and most business is doing well.
– For boating and marine now is the time to maximize your growth and sales.
– Now is when marina’s should be full and boats,
– There is no better time to sell accessories and services should be moving.
– Time to capitalize on the best economic times in over 10 years.

1-Ensure your marine website has the right components

boating_landing (5)
– Updated information and content
– Mobile friendly
– Integrated Facebook posts on your site
– Email capture system to develop mailing list
– WordPress system so YOU can update easily
– Online appointment, ordering or reservation
– Lots of photos & Video integration

2-Use Facebook as your weekly newsletter

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– Easy to update, right from your phone
– Short comments keep members/customers informed
– Create monthly special offers
– Can be integrated with your website
– Builds loyalty and interest in your business
– Makes your business more personal

3- Develop an email list and do regular emails

boating_landing (3)
– Create monthly or quarterly email
– Incentivize customers for buying early
– Present new products and services in detail
– Link back to special pages on your website
– Introduce customers to your staff for more personal
– Provide added benefits to email subscribers

4- Improve brokerage with better sales tools

boating_landing (1)
– Expand beyond boat listings, and minimal impact materials.
– Don’t market big boats the same way you do small  ones.
– Invest in creating colorful flyers/brochures for high priced boats
– Invest in video for your high priced boats

5- Maximize trade show investments

boating_landing (2)
– Think through trade show specials and deals
– Pre-Promote offers to current customers
– Have simple handouts with dated offers
– Develop new signage and booth display
– Include video display in your booth
– Giveaway to capture name/address of potential customers

How much better could your business be
If you took these marine marketing steps.

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