Video Development

Bring words and images to life.

Powerful video production is within the grasp of most every business and the media to deliver your content is equally as available.

Videos can be useful as a company introduction, product demonstration, training and tutorial, summary of past events and so much more.

If you’re not using video as part of your marketing mix you are missing out on one of the most robust new digital media available to you.

Keeping Professional License Current

Engineers and Surveyors need regular training to keep current. Here’s what you need.


Real Estate Franchise Connect Program

Explainer presents service that brings franchisors and franchisees together


Student Surveyor Test Preparation Training.

Concise explainer video on training program for student surveyor/engineers.


Mega Yacht Charter

Presenting Heartbeat of Life, glamor video that presents the ship and charter specifications.


Microcloud Security Solutions Explainer

Data and online security service. Specialized microplatform process explainer.


Portable Charging Stations

The latest service for venues and events. Portable charging stations keep guests phones charged and everyone happy.


Consumer Product for Camping

This video introduced the Camp Shower Pro. A portable tankless hot water heater. We created this video on a very low budget using existing footage.


Holiday Greeting Card Video

Creative way to say happy holidays. This holiday greeting card was featured on a website for the month of December.


Experience Needed to be a Land Surveyor

Explainer video outlined the requirements and variations by state for students wishing to become a land surveyor.


Test Prep Workbooks Explainer

Video combines actual author’s voice over with animated character representing him.


Memorial Running Race and Fundraising Event

The Red Run is one of Brisbane’s most exciting new running events. Created to raise money for local military charities, this video summarizes the full days event. Used primarily on the event website.


Cloud Software and Storage Service

Business overview, website commercial for mufti-faceted technical service business. This video capsulizes their top features in a light and quick presentation. The video includes varied animations, voice over and light tech music background. Notice the subtle sound effect as different elements enter or leave the screen.


Boxing Management Minimercial

Catchy, quick and fun, this minimercial lasts only 18 seconds but outlines the services and benefits of working with one pro boxing management company. The video was later shortened to 14 seconds so we could send out via Instagram in a social marketing experiment. Attention spans are short and this type of video takes that into account.


Wifi Monetization System

RaGaPa developed innovative technology to insert advertising or messages at the local network level. This video introduced the concept to trade shows and event planners who can use the system to keep in touch with attendees. This video features no voice over. The light and airy music background supports a fast paced text presentation with graphics support.


Portable Billboard System

A new concept in outdoor advertising allows companies to place a portable billboard in their parking lot or secured location and have their own message displayed with no space lease. GMS created this introductory video for the company as they launch this innovative new idea.


Transcription Software Web Video

Light and fun introductory video for Cloud-Based transcription management software. The video covers the major features and benefits in short and fast flowing presentation. The moving arrows that are the major theme of this video is meant to show the flow of the software service.


Email Forwarding Software

Tipping Pointes, a messaging forwarding system was conceived to enhance email communications by providing feedback to message forwarders. Seeing who you sent messages to and then seeing who they may have forwarded your message to is the concept. This non tech video works to explain the concept and benefits to potential users and investors.



This video introduces a brand new concept in meditation. The FreeChair is essentially a rocking stool created to enhance meditation. The video begins by acknowledging the stress we all face on a daily basis and the benefits of meditation. It then presents the product as the optimum way to meditate.


HVAC Air Balancing Services

Air Balancing is a mostly unknown service that more and more heating and air conditioning contractors are offering to enhance their service portfolio. This video presents the concept of air balancing and highlights the benefits of the service.


Tutorial: Editing PDF File

Over 300,000 YouTube Views. Clients wanted to know if it was possible and how to make text minor changes in PDF files. This video did the trick for thousands of viewers.


Tutorial: Setting Up Appointment Website

GMS Produced over 12 training videos for cloud-based appointment setting software. featured so many options that the tutorials were needed to explain each process for a novice website user.


Annual Meeting Opening Sequence

Annual meeting of HVAC contractors greeting with the Star Wars knock off opening sequence. The idea was the set the scene for the opening message from the company CEO.


Company Logo Opener

Rotating mettalic logo with heavy drumbeat theme music.

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