9.5 Features Your Website Should Include

Make Your Website The Best it Can Be


For many small and medium businesses websites are one of those things that owners set and forget.  Of course we all can acknowledge that a website is important but as with any types of marketing there are various stages of success. Today’s web savvy consumer is used to sophisticated websites from larger companies so it’s important for your smaller business to do as much as possible create a positive first impression with everyone visiting your website.


Here is a selection of top features that most contemporary websites should contain.  Most would be easy for your web developer or General Marketing Service to build into your existing site or add to a brand new site if the time is right for a makeover.


WebsitesImprovement1 – Page Layout Adjusts to Device

This is often referred to as a responsive design.  If your website isn’t responsive to tablets and phones you are being penalized by Google and may be losing out to competition. Furthermore most people won’t even take the time to view your website if they’re on a phone and the text is not readable.  This feature is a must considering that as many as 70% of your website visits can come from a phone or tablet.

2 – New Modern Graphics

Your customers may be coming back again and again.  If they don’t see change they are less likely to return and lack of improvements reflects on your business.

3 – Content for Search Engines

Search engines love words.  Articles, stories and descriptions are what drive search engines to your website.  Even properly tagged photos help.

4 – Page Efficiency

Make your website efficient which means don’t make visitors have to click on multiple pages to gather similar information.  Mobile viewers require more time for each page build and 85% of mobile visitors never get past your home page.  Put enough content on each page to make it work visiting. In many cases combining pages is much more efficient for people using mobile devices.  For example, combine the “about” information with company staff profiles and business philosophy.

5 – Offer for Web Visitors

Do you provide any incentives for people to call you once they visit your site.  There can easily be an offer for new customers and one for long term customers.

6 – Email Capture Offer

A great email list can really enhance business.  Especially in off seasons, emails can keep you in touch with your customer base when there may not be a natural reason for them to contact you.  Do you have an offer for a free item or content when visitors provide you with their email address.

7 – Video

Great videos on a website not only help describe your services in other ways but they show up high on search results.  The best ones are fast moving, short and sweet.  Acknowldge that not all your visitors are the same.  Some like to read and some may like to watch videos.  You can even start a website podcast system and do audio shows.  Most anything can be done if you want it to happen.

8 – Forms Available Online

Customers old and new should be able to download all of your forms from a location on your website.  Make it easy for them to work with you be offering this.  If you take on project type of work why not turn your standard contact form into a project for and gather more information before you respond.

9 – Integrated Social Sites

Bring the content of your Facebook page to the front page of your website.

Traditionally websites contain links to your social page, but now you can bring the feed from your Facebook page to your website home page.  This allows average folks to make daily news updates on their site via social pages vs adjusting website code.

9.5 Dare to Be Different

This last step isn’t a feature but a philosophy. Have you ever visited your competitors website to see what they are doing and then do something to set your business apart from them.  We’re faster! We’re smarter! Try and step outside the box (or have GMS do it for you) and add unexpected features to your site so that it is remembered long after your visit.


For many companies their website compromises 80-100% of their marketing efforts.  If you’re going to put all your eggs in one basket like that it had better be the best basket possible.  For more information or help on how to make these significant website improvements contact General Marketing Service at general.marketing.service@gmail.com.