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With over $121 Billion in related sales the US recreational boating industry delivers a significant impact on the country’s economy.  The industry has long been tied to economic conditions and remains highly competitive not only among other marine businesses but among other higher end discretionary spending.  Selling marine services requires the right  combination of sizzle and steak.

Sales of powerboats remains steady with typical growth between 5%-10%.  New boat sales have a trickle down effect on thousands of support businesses throughout the nation. As of 2013 the US pleasure boating industry was made up of nearly 35,000 businesses and over 330,000 people employed in the business category.  The National Marine Manufacturers Association is the leading trade association for the category although dozens of small groups help support the wide range of marine support groups.

GMS serves a wide range of boating and marine related businesses.  WIth GMS being located along the shores of Lake Erie, the marine expertise comes first hand.
You can count on quality marketing support for boat resellers, marinas, boat brokers, marine service companies, boating accessories, and related companies.   GMS has a strong understanding of the category and the challenges that each business face within it.
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