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Real Estate Rocks

Now that the downturn in real estate that hit around 2008 is well behind us the industry has settled down into a growth pattern range of 4-8% which is fully acceptable for most category veterans.

Trends show that real estate investors are leaving the category and that traditional home owners are driving new sales with pent up demand now that lending institutions are loosening up.

New home buyers are a demanding bunch however real estate companies and agents are excited to get on with business and are aggressively marketing to buyers and sellers.  Top agents manage complex websites that provide customers with the latest information.  Companies and agents create advanced email campaigns to keep in touch with potential or past customers.  Postcard programs area also still popular.

In the fourth quarter of 2015 real estate sales rose at 7.4% compared to the previous year.  That’s good news during the normally quiet winter months.  Furthermore home sale prices continue to rise at a 4.1% rate.  Although there is some concern about the economic growth during the first part of 2016 the general thinking is the year will be more robust than 2015.
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133Million: Homes in USA
2500000Real Estate Agents in the USA
12Percent of vacant homes in the USA
181000Median home sales price in 2015 ($)