Unbury the Blog

Maximize Your Content Marketing Program by Featuring Articles on Page 1


When it comes to your website you’re probably already aware of the many values of developing a blog, insights or articles section to show of your expertise and garner improved search engine results.  Search engine experts report that article/blog content is the number one driver of higher search engine results and the term ‘content marketing’ is probably one of the top 3 digital buzzwords over the past couple years.

With that kind of support and enthusiasm it seems counter intuitive to bury all this great content deep into your website when the majority of visitors most likely will never venture.  The whole term blog has a very mundane sound to it and rarely encourages people to click on a menu link.  Some more creative companies refer to their blog as articles or insights and every once and a while  you’ll come across a really unique name for the articles section of a site.

These are competing companies. Home page 1 is a standard features based page.  Home Page 2 is a content driven page that changes monthly with new material.

These are competing companies. Home page 1 is a standard features based page. Home Page 2 is a content driven page that changes monthly with new material.

But what a high number of website managers fail to do is build in an articles/blog summary on their home page.   From your site visitors’ point of view your articles are probably the most valuable content on your site.  They provide vital information.  They show proof of your expertise and they help a potential client understand more on what you are about than almost any other section of your website.

With all those positives, not to mention all the effort it takes to create the articles themselves, it seems only natural that someone that is proud of their content would want to show it off.


Modern websites have moved beyond the brochure these days into more of a binder.    Companies are packing more information on their sites than ever before.  Yet with that said, the vast majority of your website visitors never make it past the home page.  Things like “about” pages and “services” pages are boring and predictable, but your articles section can be something really unique and if you’re in head-to-head competition with another company/website,  showing off your article content on page one can set you well apart from the also-rans.   In other words anyone can fake a good “about” or “services” page but only experts can lay down words on paper to prove they are who they say.

Furthermore as more users come to your site on mobile devices the percent that click through to a further page diminishes even further.  Slow cellular signals discourage users to click to new pages because no one wants to wait for the page build.   Placing your blog/article summary on your home page saves those users added clicks and improves your company’s image to those  viewers.

Featuring your content on your home page does not have to be complicated.  CMS systems make the process trouble free and allow you to show off your most recent material along with a featured image almost automatically from your original article.  No need to do added writing or layout work.  Including an excerpt also helps show off the work you’ve done before users click to the full page of material.

Many leading consulting companys show off their written content as the primary feature of their website.  They treat the website like a newspaper where users will come back again and again to see what is new.  Isn’t that the point?  Bring potential clients back to your site again and again so that when they’re ready to buy they’re so familiar with your work that you’re the first call they make.

It’s a shame to spend your company’s valuable time and effort writing in your blog only to have the majority of site visitors never find it.  Put an end to that today by unburying your blog and brining it fron t and center.  It’s the smart thing to do.   For more information or help on how to make these significant website improvements contact General Marketing Service at general.marketing.service@gmail.com.


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