Buy TV Ad Space Simulation

Show your knowledge of advertising rates for your favorite network TV shows.  Each day contains top shows and actual pricing for a 30-second TV spot.  See if you can match the show with the appropriate pricing.


To Play.  Drag the show to the price you think you should pay.  Drag all three shows per page to continue.
Click SHOW SCORE (at bottom) to see how you did.  CLICK “>” (at bottom) to move on to the next night buy.

Buying television advertising, for many people, has been relegated to one of those voodoo media procedures that are left to a few select professionals to manage.  Prices for television media are determined by demand for a certain show, the amount of people watching the show, the day and time of day the show is playing along with a number of other points.   Pricing for television time fluctuates like the stock market and can be difficult for a novice to manage effectively.  Most larger advertising agencies have a media department of people whose sole purpose is to research viewership and negotiate pricing.

Television advertising has become even more complex with the onslaught of hundreds of cable tv channels, and even more-so with the addition of streaming channels that are difficult at best to measure. Discounts are common based on a buyer’s potential.  As much as possible all TV programs are audited by ratings companies such as Nielsen and Harris.

Despite the growth of new digital online media, Television is still the largest ad medium in the USA taking over 36% of large company ad budgets.

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The figures used for our game were published in Sept 2015 from Advertising Age.  As with any product, prices may vary based on demand for a program and the volume any certain buyer may posses.


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