Three Myths about Easy Money and Your Internet Based Business

generalmarketingAs headline stories proclaim the latest small business start-up success, it’s easy for everyone in a small business to assume it’s easy to find customers and create their own success story. But most businesses cannot rely on a viral response like those found on Twitter, Facebook and dozens of other business concepts.   For the majority of us we need to fight for every customer we have and that doesn’t come easy. Consider some of these myths.

Myth 1. All I need is a good website.

Good websites are a dime a dozen these days.   Large scale internet suppliers have made it relatively easy for do-it-yourselfers to slap up a shingle and get started. However a good website is not a great website. All too often business owners rush to launch a website that has no personality, no valuable content and nothing that sets their business apart from the competition and yet they wonder why it is not driving business like they had dreamed.

Myth2. People will flock to my website as soon as it is up.

There were over 1 billion websites in existence as of September 2014 and the number increases as fast as the US national debt (which is pretty fast). So with that many options for web surfers to choose from it’s highly unlikely they will discover yours without some push behind it.   It’s not unusual for new websites to get no traffic other than a few friends, relatives and maybe some that stumble upon it over the first few months.   Even Google may take some time to discover your site unless you reach out to them first.

Myth 3. I can email my way into business

New business owners, not savvy to the ways of the web, have reached a conclusion that since email is free they can bombard anyone and everyone with their message and a certain number will respond. So they go our searching for email lists hoping to tap into the freebie email holy grail. Sorry friends, it doesn’t work that way.   The Federal Trade Commission has set up certain rules for business email senders. A few of them are as follows:

  1. –All commercial email must be identified as an advertisement.
  2. –Recipients of your email should have opted in at some point to received this mail from you
  3. –You must provide an opt out method in your email
  4. –You may not use deceptive subject lines
  5. –Additional guidelines according to the CAN-SPAM act.

So in other words, you cannot simply purchase an email list, or copy emails from other sources and begin mailing to them without approval or at minimum an option for anyone to be removed from your list. It’s similar to the “do not call” list that protects households from telemarketing solicitors, only in this case it protects everyone’s email account.

It can be difficult news for individuals searching for easy money through low cost and effort free methods. As you might guess there have been thousands who have tried it before you and the majority of them fail.

What you really need is what most new businesses need: A legitimate plan of attack with goals and real methods to reach those goals, and a budget of time or money to accomplish that. Hiring a well-informed support service can also be a smart step in making progress faster.


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